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Yes, Nairobi County should be under the National Government

The call by lawmaker Aaron Cheruiyot to have Nairobi County taken up and run by the National Government is timely and should be backed to see it sail through.

Since the inception of Nairobi County, the city has sailed through rough waters with the passengers on board, the residents of Nairobi, suffering hard-hitting sea sickness. Wrangles in the county’s leadership, incompetence, corruption cases and the role of poor national politics has in one way or another led to the poor services in Nairobi and general poor management of the county.

Nairobi, being the main gateway to Kenya needs national leadership and for that reason it ought to be under the National Government. Almost all foreign dignitaries visiting Kenya pass through Nairobi. It is in Nairobi where they are hosted and therefore more often than not, they see the larger country through the eyes of Nairobi. That means that if Nairobi is in a sorry state, as it has been the case in the recent past, these foreign leaders go back to their motherlands with that picture in mind.

Nairobi County governor Hon. Mike Sonko

All of us know for certain that Nairobi has struggled with waste and sewage management, water problems and even the public transport sector. The hawkers and small business people of Nairobi are also littered all over the place, to the point of reprieving Nairobi of its city status.

Again, literally, the city holds almost all of the National Government offices and other international bodies. Thus, placing it under County Administration is somewhat demeaning Nairobi. To boost its city and national capital status, Nairobi should be run by the National Government.

In addition, national leadership is needed to avoid small embarrassments like that of the governor being blackmailed, the members of county government fighting publicly, the creation of vacuum in leadership in case the governor or his deputy jumps off the boat and other unnecessary respect-void hap.

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