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Why Miguna is the best antidote to Odingaism

By Omath Victor

Firebrand politician cum lawyer and self proclaimed leader of the National Resistance Movement (NRMke), General Miguna Miguna might be the only man capable of dislodging Odingaism influence from Nyanza.

Miguna, who is away in Canada following his double eviction from Kenya on grounds of his Kenyan citizenship (according to the Immigration Department) has by far smoothered the hearts of majority of Odinga supporters who are slowly turning against Raila. This turning away is driven by belief by people that Raila has the powers to salvage Miguna from his predicament yet he isn’t making any effort towards it.

Last month, when the authorities denied him entry into Kenya, Kenyans thronged the streets of Mombasa, Kisumu and some parts of Nairobi demanding that he be allowed in. A good number accused Raila of neglecting his key ally who stood by him during what I term ‘comic swearing in’ as the People’s President.

The pitty and support mixed with complaints that Miguna has elicited so far shows Odingaism is really in trouble. Is it not Odingaism that led to alienation of James Orengo during the Mageuzi days when he was branded an enemy of the Luo because he vied for presidency? Perhaps Kenyans aren’t naive anymore to think that Raila will still be president; not naive to think that all the fights he puts up are always about and for Kenyans.

The silence of Raila vis-à-vis the troubles of Miguna has made many to learn a couple of lessons; that Raila is not ready to exit the stage, neither is he willing to groom a younger kingpin. Worse still, he doesn’t want to give them the platform to groom themselves. He has shown undeniably that he is not comfortable with Miguna’s success story plus other young luos who have been close to succeeding him.

Anyone who is keen enough has probably noticed the joy with which news of Miguna Miguna’s nomination as the Nairobi City County Deputy Governor has been received. It is only sagacious therefore to conclude that we are ready to have wuod Nyando (Son of Nyando) lead this country to prosperity.

The Kenyan Report , a blog that shares the same opinion as mine. In a piece title, Why Miguna is the next big thing; Ignore him at your own peril says and I quote “…..he is firm, intense, intelligent and highly educated.He has lived ad worked in a first world country where systems work and therefore enjoys that exposure that would improve the living conditions of many….”
Furthermore, he is free from corruption allegations, a clean slit that can propel him to any top elective post. He has worked as an advisor to the Prime Minister and can be regarded as a man with master plan.

Dr. Miguna is on record condemning the butchering and maiming of luos over the electioneering period, a record that makes him suitable for the Luo Kingmanship.

It is my belief that were his book Peeling Back the Mask to be relaunched today, with the same or even worse accusations about Raila, Kenyans would throng bookshops for a copy.

Tactful politicians are soon exploring a theory that ‘a stronger Miguna equals a weaker Odinga’. It is a fact that the days of Odingaism are numbered. If Raila wishes to salvage his sinking ship, he better handle General Miguna Miguna carefully.

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