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Vicious Healing Time

“Give it time!”


So I was told.

I was told that time would heal.

I was made to believe that in time,

It would eventually get better.


Days, months, passed as I waited for the healing.

I waited and trusted this oblivious concept of time.

Somehow, as much as I tried I couldn’t reach deep.

Deep within where only darkness lay.



Present hurt trying to breathe life into my dying heart.


The place that used to speak with such warmth.


Thoughts running through my mind all the time.


Lack of words to explain that which I felt.


Don’t shine a light at me.

Don’t try to get too close.

This place knows no solace.


Oh dear heart of mine,

Will you ever heal?

Tick tock tick tock.


Sunk deep into the darkness.

I dig the grave for it.

Bury it deep in darkness.

The last cry, Is anyone there?

“I am here. Trust me,”

Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

Past pain, present pain.

The pain dragged into the future.



Last resort for restoration.


The storm of pain coming my way.


Life into the wellspring.


The awakening in the future.



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