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Transforming Kibera: Lessons from Collince Onyango

He deferred his studies and booted playing rugby for some time to set up business and stabilize himself financially. His entities have now employed 5 people. He is a youth leader, born and raised in Kibera, Kenya’s largest slum. Collince Onyango studies Bachelor of Commerce in Kenyatta University. In the year 2015, he chose to defer his studies to venture into business as his source of revenue. He is the 3rd born in a family of 7. He runs a food court, a daycare, a barber shop, trains children in rugby and is also a youth leader with a group of 70 youth from Soweto East, Kibera. Ryan Otieno is one of his employees. Like Collins, he deferred his electrical engineering studies because of financial constraints. Before he got employed by Collince, he says he used to loiter around and do drugs. He would use any little money he got on drugs. He has been working with Collins for two years now and is using the little resources he has to talk to other youth in Kibera to abandon drugs, crime and embrace entrepreneurship.


Yegon Emmanuel
Multimedia storyteller - Co-founder and Communications Director at Mobile Journalism Africa (

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