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The Rains are Here, Again!

The hard rugged floor that covers my city yawns,

Yawns with a familiar thirst

As a thousand pair off legs pound upon it

Again and again!

The once compact floor, grinds into dust

Forming a thick brown carpet.


The city dwellers starter from side to side

As they swing at the mercy of the dust,

To save their kiwid shoes 

From the tiny little hills of dust,

As they snake their way towards the waiting dusty matatus.

That ferry them to their clean and dry offices.


Across the street, warm wind and dust

Collude lazily,

Sweeping against the hard tough faces.

Of thirsty county askaris lying in wait,

Unabashedly, for the street hawkers

To quench their thirst, with some chai.


Above the skyscrapers, the sun smiles widely

Claiming the dew off Kidero’s once green grass.

Unwary of the dwellers below

Who carry their clattering dry bones

Within their sweaty bodies

With a nostalgic longing,

Longing for the rain.


As March dawns upon the city,

The weatherman clears his dry quirky voice

And Croaks,

“I smell rain oh I smell rain, ye busy citizens, be warned!

Rains are bad oh rains are bad, tread carefully”.


The sun recedes, as it welcomes the gathering clouds.

The roofs break into song,

In harmony with the birds.

Drip drop and drip they go,

As they announce the arrival,

Arrival of the long awaited rains


The rains are finally here.


By Joash masese

Poet and writer

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