Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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The Loud Silence

In the dead of night, beside the light post

I no longer hear voices of laughter

Just toads gulping down scores of mosquitoes

Even crickets have sought refuge

No one paving paths through the thick forests

Not even the noisy drunks

The once bountiful plains now reduced to dust and ashes

Germinated with rapidly springing headstones

Silence has become the bright future promised.

To the men and women who own men and women,

Wananchi na wenye nchi,

We will not pardon you for wasting away our bodies and time

What happened to the flora and fauna?

Rally the people to plant in the valleys

Nothing ventured nothing gained.

But hush now, don’t you know

That where national treasures and security is involved

No information will be devolved

Still there is most certainly a procession of shadows

Cast on every being who ever passed there

Of those living destroying with no care

Of ghosts haggling over space and air

Hell hath no fury than that of Karma and her beckoning


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