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Son, Dad Loved you…

Tell it to my Kid, when I’m gone..
Let him know this life was hard for me when He came to this world,
Your Mom left you on my doorstep on a rainy day, a very Cold and chilly evening
Your Little Crystal cries melted my heart
Brown Eyes of mine on you, I swear I saw myself in you,
I Made up my broken ways to raise you,
I Had nothing but you,
Your Mum abandoned us,
I didn’t know how to be a father to you,
But whenever you cried, you sucked my thumb, held onto my Palm until you slept.

I have never felt more alive,

I swore to make you the Man I wasn’t,
This is my story, and I’m sorry I won’t be there to see you become a Man.
I Never was the Best, but trying was the only way,
I only write this cause you’re too young to understand, too young to remember,
Your father is dying,
Doctors said I have four months left,
I am due in a week…

I Gave you up to a foster home when you turned 8,
I Hope you become the man I raised you to be.
A better man than I am.
I love you son..

One last thing, I left an order for you to know the truth when you turn 18. Don’t be Mad at anyone but Me.

Love, Dad

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