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Solar Powered Bike To Serve Rural Areas


Solar E Cycles Kenya LTD has rolled out a pilot project to test solar electric bicycles in Kenya. The Company which is hosted in Strathmore University targets rural areas with little or unreliable access to electricity.

The bicycles are powered by a 300 watt solar panel which charges 4 – 12 volt batteries. In recent testing we have done a range of 100km at the rate of 4 watts per kilometer, Clem Bird, a production and maintenance associate said.

While the intended primary usage of the bike is transport, the experts say it can also be used for other domestic purposes.

“You can also use this as a home installation to charge your phones with an inverter, light your house and refrigerate as well as for irrigation, pointed out Clem Bird.

The first stage of the pilot project involved a ride from Nairobi to Kilifi which took 19 days.

“Although there was no mechanical breakdown, we had to replace the mortars and batteries, Lerroy Maina, a production and maintenance associate who went on the pilot trip explained.

This project is coming out right at a time when the world is shifting focus to the use of green and clean energy.

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