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Smartphones The Future of Storytelling

Smartphones are revolutionizing storytelling. At #MobileJournalismAfrica we believe that these devices, what we call pocket studios, are the powerful tools that are going to change the way stories are told in Africa and beyond. Caroline Scott, a journalist with says “THe smartphone you own is powerful and can help you produce more video, audio and text stories faster and at a cost-effective way”

Caroline covers stories of mobile journalists around the world who are using this new technology to cover global events live and from different locations.

Also by Caroline:How students are aiming to shape storytelling in Africa through mobile journalism

“There is huge potential in this technology and it’s only getting more powerful. Embrace it because mobile content creation is a gateway to reach wide audiences and tell more stories” Scott adds.

So let’s use our smartphones to tell stories from our different locations, for Our Stories are Best Told by Us.

Mobile journalism is important. Let’s tell more stories #mojofesttours

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Yegon Emmanuel
Photographer, broadcast journalist and writer-Certified storyteller Co-founder and Communications Director

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