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Silent Song

Sing me a silent song,
Sting me with soft sounds to soothe my wounds.
Steal me, make me still and calm in soul and mind-
Break my breaths with every hug of your tongue on mine.

Sing slower, show me how to dance like a lazy wave-
Dance, let’s dance to the beats of our pulse…
In this trance, I have to savour the warmth around your face,
In this instance, I have to purge out this heat I have;
Sing, sing not with your voice.

Sing me a mellow melody,
Hum with me this simple symphony;
I’ll listen with my lips upon yours,
I’ll breath you in every time you exhale,
I’ll breath you out every time you inhale.

Yell that quiet chorus again!
But shhh… yell silently, lest these walls hear you.
Whisper into my mouth that muted message,
Teach it to me with your tongue,
Teach me how to massage…
Make all noise stiffen when these garments are torn-
Sing, sing me a silent song.

By Chege

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