Friday, December 1, 2023
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Ringing in Mind

As I lie in my bed,

Staring at the dark ceiling,

in a flash, memories come.


There she was in her bed,

staring back at me.

She enclosed me in her arms,

Her warmth was ice-cold.

She held me tighter

And I pressed her body against mine harder.


I could feel her heartbeat,

Running through me.

I could feel her breath

around my neck.


She pushed me away.

Her eyes wet with tears,

she stared at me.

Like a cobra she was ready,

ready to spit her venom.


She cleared her throat,

“I…I..,” she stammered.

I eagerly waited for her.

Sobbing uncontrollably she continued,

“I… W.. We can’t move on…”.


As I lie in my bed,

Those words keep on ringing in my mind

like an alarm clock.



Juma Anton
Am an Information Science student in Moi University main campus

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