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President Mnangagwa and Prime Minister Abiy Survive twin Explosions in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

Zimbabwean during the political rally where there was an assassination attempt on the country’s president.
Ethiopians during an event attended by the Ethiopia Prime Minister.

In a twin explosive attacks in two different countries targeting both President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali,has left dozens injured in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia respectively.

“This is not the first time I have been a target of an attack,they tried to poison me through my office and it did not work. It is not my time yet …This is a cowardly act and it will not interfere with the upcoming elections… ” said President Mnangagwa.

Shortly after finishing his speech at the White City Stadium in Bulawayo and as he was leaving his dais,a grenade exploded.The president said he was a target of the attack that has left the top brass of ZANU PF injured and a dozen more nursing their injuries.

President Mnangagwa was at a rally to drum support for his presidential bid when the attack occurred. He was however unhurt after the attack but he promised that the explosion will not hinder the upcoming elections which will be held for the first time without the former President Robert Mugabe seeking another term in office.

Elsewhere in Ethiopia in a rally that was organised at the capital Addis Ababa to show the people’s solidarity with the new reformist Prime Minister Abiy . A grenade explosion has left at least 150 injured and 1 killed.

The explosion happened immediately the prime minister finished addressing the rally. The police have arrested 6 individuals who are under investigation for the attack at the capital and a senior police official has also been arrested for not acting on the security shortcomings.

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