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Our Stories are Best told By Us

What do you use your mobile phones for?

A number of people have asked us how they can be part of this new way of telling stories. We believe that mobile phones are revolutionizing storytelling. As such we developed this platform to enable you to be your own storyteller. Using the mobile phones, the pocket studios, as we call them, you can be able to package stories from wherever you are, at whatever time. Professionalism and simplicity at its best.

So here’s the process in brief. You take a photo, video, or write a story using your phone then submit it to us. That is if you are have registered on the platform. If you haven’t then you may need to register in order to submit. Once you have submitted, our team of experienced editors will go through your submissions and package them best for publishing. Over time, your will be building your portfolio and you can refer people to the website to read your work.

So, let’s get to work. Let’s tell our stories in our own ways, through our own lenses. Use your phone to tell those stories you’ve always wanted told. We have several categories on the platform to help widen your scope for writing. They include: News, Art and poetry, Lifestyle, Leadership and politics, Motivation and inspiration, cars and Photography.

This is the future of storytelling. We welcome you to join us in this journey!

For Our Stories Are Best Told by Us


Yegon Emmanuel
Photographer, broadcast journalist and writer-Certified storyteller Co-founder and Communications Director

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