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OPINION: Its time To Make Kenya Great Again

By: James Mwangi.

As a student, and moreso a scout back in High School, we used to pledge our loyalty to our motherland Kenya because we believed this was and is the best place to live in.

“I pledge my loyalty to the President and the nation of Kenya, my readiness and duty to defend the flag of our republic, my devotion to the words of our national anthem, my life and strength in the task of our nation’s building. In the living spirit embodied in our national motto – Harambee……….”

I leave out the Nyayo philosophy bit because it is for the same reason that the loyalty pledge was dropped. However it helped us understand the essence of love and respect for our country.

But as leaders, whether elected, it seems harder each day to leave a legacy for the next generation. Vices like lack of ethics, transparency, accountability, bad attitudes and morals are ruining this country, and the crop of leaders that come with it.

Anyone below the age of 30 years finds it hard to find a spot to dream and actualize what they have because of the kind of politics being played.

We have made it our daily business to argue on all issues with political backgrounds, it’s time to let go. Not every day is a campaign day.

We have very brilliant, talented and knowledgeable youths. Kenya should be a role model in Africa. We have to learn from our past mistakes and opt for a new Kenya and this can only be achieved with proper planning and good intentions.

A few selfish and greedy people, including religious leaders and politicians, are inciting the public and causing confusion. Because of the culture of corruption in the country, the poor will continue to suffer.

Given that Kenya is a hub for businesses and investments, it is in our place to reclaim what is originally ours, making Kenya great again.

We must find solutions for the current problems we have, starting with recovery of our economy. Cities are dead, businesses are closing down and all this has been caused by political tension raising doubts among investors and this chocks the economic sector of the nation.

Kenya is a great nation and we should make it great because as the old adage says, East, West, South or North, Kenya is Home. All it takes is peace and good leadership. One Kenya, One Nation.

>>>James Mwangi is the current Chairperson Kenya Coalition for Political Progress

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