The days that I have loved you

In the days that I have loved you I have learnt disappointment The lesson that we all know That no one is perfect That we blatantly ignore And take in precious souls Open hearts full of expectations But I had forgotten To separate loving you With my mind, from Loving you with my heart So I had to learn realistically That my

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I Live with a Trauma: a Confession

"Living in 21st century is certainly fun, for anyone who cares about interacting with human kind and information. The world has been brought nearer to each one through the evident technological advancements that include the Internet and the smart phones. For this reason, the world has been rightly referred to as

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The midnight call

Thought of our day one, It was one of a kind. For sure I had won, the beauty of them I found. That night was at its mid. This ill say in a jest, And please don't detest. This midnight call has no coincidence, no, NO...! But one thing you must know, I stay late to see the night, Waiting for

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