Ignorance at the door of opportunity

Someone once said that nothing’s more expensive than a missed opportunity. The truth in this statement cuts deeper than a sharp axe. On the 16th to 20th of October, the conglomerate of media students in association with the office of the Academic secretary in Moi University organized for a Media

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Vicious Healing Time

"Give it time!"   So I was told. I was told that time would heal. I was made to believe that in time, It would eventually get better.   Days, months, passed as I waited for the healing. I waited and trusted this oblivious concept of time. Somehow, as much as I tried I couldn’t reach deep. Deep within where

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Daughter Of The Mirror.

This image you see shines with more magnificence than you'd imagine- If it was cracked in more places than the lines across your heart, It would be crashed to crystal grains and you, by the hurt. If it was crashed, even evenly scattered o'er wrong places, Your beauty would still be bathed in better

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