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Nakuru, Friday, 13th April 2018 Nakuru County Security team makes history in pioneering fight against corruption An initiative to help fight corruption was on Wednesday launched in Nakuru in an exercise aimed at encouraging citizens to report corruption incidences anonymously. The Mulika Initiative was launched in collaboration with the Nakuru County Security Team

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Start Over

Today I woke up feeling heavy and spent The day already incipient with gloom And the darkness of my self doubts Reflected in the early morning fog My impudence shelved and catching flack For feeling like doom My body questions its natural state, An enigma The way it sits, counterfactual, shy, This damsel’s grit way in the gutter Already limp,

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A Slain Queen

Her usually irritable husband, Maina, was being too nice and polite. Eerily so, considering the heated exchanges that often defined their tumultuous one year marriage. Maria couldn’t even remember the last time she donned her marital ring. Wedded bliss had dried quicker than wet paint. On this ordinary day, he had

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