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The MoJo Futures Podcast Episode 2 with Privilege Musvanhiri

This week’s episode features Privilege Musvanhiri, a freelance journalist based in Zimbabwe. Musvanhiri is also a correspondent with German broadcaster DW.

In this episode we discuss his work as a mobile journalists, some of the outstanding work that he has done, the challenges journalists face in Zimbabwe and the future of MoJo from his perspective.

He urges those who wish to pursue careers in journalism to take up the challenge and go the MoJo way instead of waiting to be employed in media houses.

“You have to be somebody who is willing to learn. The smartphone does not break its screen because you’re navigating around. The kids, you’ll be surprised what they can be able to do with the smartphone. For young journalists, download those apps, know how to navigate around. Be sure to try something new everyday. Learn how to shoot, how to edit…”

Listen in to the conversation and let us know whom you’d wish to listen from.

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