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MoJo: Agri-journalism in agribusiness

Agri-journalism is becoming the next great thing in agribusiness. That you can use your smartphone, what we at Mobile Journalism Africa call ‘pocket studios’, to market yourself, and learn how to enrich your agribusiness is just great. Imagine using your own phone to shoot a video of yourself in the farm say, while planting, weeding or even harvesting and sharing out? How good will it be to learn by watching other people’s videos on the same?


A section of those who attended in group photo

This is the reason Mobile Journalism Africa and IcedTube on Friday, the 23rd November, 2018, travelled to Egerton University, Njoro to train aspiring agripreneurs how they can use their smartphones to develop their agribusineses. At CoELIB incubar, we met young men enthusiastic about agri-journalism in agribusiness.

During the training, faces full of awe and admiration at what their smartphones can do did not miss our attention. The incubar which was full to capacity, for the first time noticed they have always underrated the power of their phones.

The young men were taken through a training, first on how to capture quality photos and videos and secondly, how they can (still using their phones) edit these videos.

Participants enjoying the training

The essence of this training was to prepare them for the IcedTube and IcedTv, platforms where agripreneurs can share out their own videos as well as view other people’s.

The event which began at minutes past two o’clock commenced with a presentation from the CEO of IcedTube, Mr. Jackson Kiptanui. He revealed to all present the platforms: Icedtube, IcedTv, IcedFarmer and IcedYoung, which he has started using and wishes that by 2030, Africa will have a $1 trillion economic opportunity. He cited the rapidly growing population of Africa.


OCHIENG OBUNGA is the Editor in Chief of Mobile Journalism.

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