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Mobile Journalism Marks Anniversary with Wanadata Training yesterday marked its first anniversary with a training to Wanadata journalists in PineTree Plaza along Ngong road. The training was aimed at offering journalism skills in mobile journalism 360; a concept that focuses on an individual’s empowerment to shoot, edit and even publish a story using a mobile phone.

Wanadata has been instrumental in bringing together women in journalism, science and technology in a bid to offer them a chance of practice in an otherwise male dominated field. Headed by Catherine Njoroge, the group comprises of women from various organizations among them Code for Africa which empowers women to apply digital technologies in the production of data driven news and stories.

According to her, the motivation behind the group originated from the conventional newsroom mentality where women are tasked with sensual or social based stories while their male counterparts are left to handle political and business stories despite similar journalism training. The group therefore aims to engage and involve more women across various African countries and is therefore geared towards opening branches in Casablanca, Morocco in addition to the existing branches in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Senegal.

Catherine describes the aim of the group as putting a face and voice to the data as well as breaking data in a way that the common citizen is able to understand and therefore make informed decisions affecting their day to day operations and issues. The journalists pride themselves in their contribution of factual data to both local media houses and other organizations. At the top of their achievements in Kenya is their investigative work that led to the recall of substandard malaria drugs in Kenya. hopes to partner and work with more organizations that are creating impact in Africa and the world over by not only documenting their stories but empowering everyone with mobile phone journalism skills to tell their own stories.

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