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Mai Mahiu-Narok Road Cut Off Paralyzing Transport

It is not business as usual on MaiMahiu – Narok highway as traveling has been halted by heavy rains that cut off the road at Karima.
“Hili ni jambo la kustaabisha sana, barabara kuu kuoshwa na mvua ” said Bernard Mutiso who was traveling to Narok for business. Narok county especially the town which is centered in a valley, is known to be affected by floods . The meteorological department had on Monday warned about long heavy rains.
Those from Nakuru have Mau-Narok road as an alternative. The dilemma is for those from Nairobi because they will be forced to use an alternative road.

The heavy rains are expected in different parts of the country. The transport ministry should emphasize on drivers to be keen while driving and share information on roads to avoid inconveniences and raise alarm wherever challenges arise for quick action.

By: Victoria Simiyu

Yegon Emmanuel
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