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Kitu Kidogo the 21st Century Monster

Kitu kidogo the concept,
Known by the young and old,
In books and news,
Widely discussed and practiced,
Kitu kidogo, kitu kidogo, when will u leave us.

At birth give kitu kidogo,
Birth certificate, kitu kidogo
In school to pass, kitu kidogo,
A job to get, kitu kidogo,
Kitu kidogo, you are a monster, we are tired we don’t need you.

On the roads the traffic need kitu kidogo, to leave the unqualified drivers causing death
In the public offices,  you are needed, to offer jobs to unqualified personnel,
You are required everywhere so that one is served,
Is service out of love or is it out of you,
Kitu kidogo take your bag, may you take leave from us.

In the churches they embrace you, so that one gets a fake recommendation,
In the government you are hugged and kissed in order to get a tender,
Why cause such harm to us,
That even the young ones when born know who you are,
We are fed up of you mister and miss kitu kidogo,
May you look for your exile.

Those who embrace you are heroes and join in the Guinness Book of Kitu kodogo,

Those who don’t fall even on the forward,
Those who walk with you are extra kings,

Those who neither walk nor accompany you are crowned stupid and fearful,
When shall you give us rest, when shall you go to your homeland,

We are tired of you!!

Take off from us.

Today we join our hands together, Our song we sing together,

‘Solidarity forever’ Kitu kidogo you must take leave from us,

We shall not open our doors to you,

No matter how sweet and appealing you seem to be,

You have made my house to remain underdeveloped yet you are enjoying,

‘Haki yetu’ we shall sing ‘Kitu kidogo must go and go forever.’


Simiyu Victor
My name is Simiyu Victor wekesa. I am a student of Philosophy in Queen of Apostles Philosophy Centre Jinja, Uganda. I am a Kenyan by Nationality. I love music and am also a passionate poet. Most of my poems and articles originate from my daily encounters and experiences that we go through in the modern society. Despite the very many challenges and all the influences that the modern society bears, I am very optimistic in life. This is why I want to use my articles to enlighten and ignite the hope that the young people and the society has buried and forgotten. Through these, the youth most especially will awaken the God given talents that has entered into slumber as a result of the political and societal suppression and make themselves useful in this competitive world. I am convinced that the future is built today and now and as Chinua Achebe says it, " if a child washes his hands he can dine with the kings..." and truly this is possible and has been witnessed.

3 thoughts on “Kitu Kidogo the 21st Century Monster

  1. I love this spirit #Victor,as a youth I don’t take it for granted cz your article bears a lot to learn from. Am partly enlightened n would love to read more n more of your articles bearing in mind that poetry is part of me. keep going son!

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