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Kisumu County Senator Fred Outa has said he has buried the hatchet on their differences with Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o.

The senator said that he is ready to work with Professor Nyong’o so that they can deliver on the promises they made to the Kisumu electorates and develop the County.

Outa also called upon county leaders to give Governor Nyong’o time to work and focus on development and stop divisive politics that are misleading people.

Speaking during the launching of Miral Welfare program in Nyando on Friday, the senator said that they want to see development in the county for the next three years.

He said leaders should stop bickering and spreading lies to the people of Kisumu since the governor will be judged after five years.

“This is the time for development. Do not ask for me to come. My work is to bring money and the work of the governor and his deputy is to do implementation of the things we promised people. That is what we want to see in the next three years,” Outa said.

“The bickering and lies must stop. People using senator’s name to bring confusion must stop. The people of Kisumu had voted and what they want now is development. This is why we should give Nyong’o time to work and I will ensure all the money I bring is used.”

Senator Outa’s remarks comes barely two months after having a bitter political divorce after the governor sacked Patrick Ouya who was the Chief of Staff at that time and a close ally to the senator.

Deputy Governor Dr. Mathew Owili who was also present during the launching of the child support program launched by NASA Chief Raila Odinga’s wife Ida Odinga said that it is time for all county leaders to work together for a new sense of direction for development.

“We owe Kisumu people development. We are going to work together and foster our relationship as leaders so that the lives of people and the economy of the county is improved,” he said.

Dr. Owili said that their issues and differences with Senator Outa have been resolved and they are already working together to fulfil the promises they made during campaigns last year.

The Kisumu County politics have been taking shape since the start of this year when Senator Outa earlier said he was Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o’s automatic successor with a big stake in the county government.

“I am fully part of this county government, and I have an MoU with Nyong’o that when he leaves office, I will replace him. It does not matter when,” Outa was quoted in early February 2018.

Outa has in the recent past been accused of fueling wrangles within the county government so that he can position himself to win the seat in 2022.

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