Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Kesses hit by Locust Invasion

Kesses sub-county could be hit by a possible LOCUST infestation if the latest developments in the past three days is anything to go by. The local residents have become a worried lot. This is after a considerable number of locusts invaded their houses, homes and work places.

Kesses region has experienced transitory rains over the past few months causing the area to be full of lush green vegetation and plenty of water. This has made the area to be a suitable hatching and breeding ground for these insects.

With the greener areas of the market places becoming feeding grounds for birds, chicken and stray dogs. The local farmers are voicing their concerns regarding the insects, sighting the dire effects of locust invasion to their farms if the situation is not timely controlled.

The farmers are seriously worried about their harvests this year with the prolonged rains having destroyed their farms and crops as well as the infestation of the Fall Army worms.

This comes barely a week after the County Government of Uasin Gishu delivered free insecticides to the farmers to aid in fighting the Fall Army worm invasion.

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