Monday, May 25, 2020
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Its no big deal?

The world is changing and so are notions on sexuality. Gone are the days when (some)people waited for marriage to enjoy carnal pleasures. The practicality of waiting for marriage is also questionable today. In the past people married young. By the time raging hormones came around there was a place for them in marital beds. Among the main goals the youth had was to marry well, have a lot of children and be a respectable member of society.  Today we are all focused on following dreams. We all have goals to achieve and sexual correctness is not a thing we focus on.

In the past there was shame. Society went to lengths to make sure…. And if you were not ashamed you had the decency to keep your dealings private. Today multiple sexual encounters with different partners is not a thing people are ashamed of. We have owned or bodies. We have decided not to be bound by societal expectations. We are also not shying off from talking about it. Almost proudly, if the recent cheaters series on @Sammroi’s Instagram stories are anything to go by.

With the advent of technology, young children are exposed to sexual content much earlier than before.  Today young people have access to the internet as soon as they can press a button as compared to the older generation who had limited access. There being no way to control the content accessible on the internet, there is access to everything good and bad.

Our advertising has changed from being a campaign for abstinence to a campaign for safe sex practice. This goes to show that there has been a shift in the overall mentality. Sex is no longer conventional.  Sexuality has become a word that gains a new possible prefix coming up with every rising sun.

With the ‘modernization’ of our lives, the parent is still not making an effort to talk to the child about sex. It has been left to school teacher and the world. Since the older days, sex has been a taboo. It has been the open secret that is whispered about. It has been the word that shall never be mentioned, preferably never thought about. We have buried our heads in the sand and hoped it will not be …. Fear has been the main tool we use to try and curb sexual immorality. We have been told to stay away from that gender because they are bad but how and why this gender is bad to us has not been explained. To date we are still pretending that the nobody is jumping over the fences we have built to have a taste of the other side.

Whether we like it or not, we are humans and biology is bound to happen to us. It is wired in us to be curious about it at certain age. It is our responsibility to build a conversation with our young ones as they grow. It is important that we create a safe environment for them to discuss their every day physical and emotional changes. Maybe if it is not forbidden it won’t be as sweet.

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