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Ignorance at the door of opportunity

Someone once said that nothing’s more expensive than a missed opportunity. The truth in this statement cuts deeper than a sharp axe. On the 16th to 20th of October, the conglomerate of media students in association with the office of the Academic secretary in Moi University organized for a Media Week. The coordinators’ expectation was that the 5 day workshop would enthuse media and communication students at Moi University. But, their prospects were buried the week prior to the Media Week; most of the students were unwilling to sign up for attendance. Why? Ignorance…

Moi University students participating in KTN News’ Dau La Elimu shoot during the media week

As is expected, such an event is meant for networking and meeting up with potential employers or media personalities who have made a name for themselves. This is also a chance for the junior students to meet with their seniors and vice versa, so that they can learn a thing or two from each other. Besides, it is not strict to just media students but anyone whose thirst for knowledge needs to be quenched anytime an opportunity arises. A student, whose name I choose to withhold came to one of the organizers at the registration desk and when asked to sign up for the media week; they said that they do not fancy human beings but the characters in the Bible. The same Bible in Proverbs 27:17 says that; As Iron sharpen iron, so one person sharpens another…isn’t that the essence of such forums anyway?

The publicity that this event had cannot be underrated. At least everyone knew that Media Week will go down this semester. In fact, all media classes were made aware of the event by word of mouth and digitally through WhatsApp. I feel like I am venting like one of those strict high school captains when you have disappointed them. This though is an honest disappointment that university students can be so unconscious then claim not to have “connections” when they are looking for internship or a job.

To those who missed because they care not, the lessons we took home from the Media Week are overflowing. We met people that we never thought we could’ve met in our life time. We made new friends. We shared what we do and what we are planning to do. We identified what we really want to do in our field. Our eyes are now open, wider that they always are. Our minds broaden, we know what it means to grab an opportunity at hand and hold it tight. We hope that the next time you hear of such an event, you’ll be a little more concerned. Unless you are in the bandwagon of, ‘I think I’m doing the wrong course’. If that’s the case, which I really think is, then do a little self-realization and find out where you belong before it’s too late. Remember to be a participant of an affiliated group that you think you belong there. Kindly don’t serve the organizers of such events with a plate full of ignorance next time they work so hard to make the event a successful one. As you were…

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