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How a civil engineer is earning from her interior design passion

Sharon Kathure is a 5th year student of civil engineering at The Technical university of Kenya. Her passion however is in interior design. What started out as a simple WhatsApp status post has now grown into a business venture.

“Over the years I have evolved into the kind of things that I actually love which is plants. I love plants a lot. They are basically life to me. I do interior design but majorly focus on plants, flowers, pots and herbs.”

Sharon Kathure sorting containers at a scrap metal shop. Photo Courtesy: Eric Mutuma

She uses waste bottles, plastic containers, recycled metals to grow her plants and also to design pots. All these are sourced from a local scrap metal dealer shop and her neighborhood. She has converted her house into her working space and her verandas are full of flowers and other plants.

“Recently I decided to make my house lively with plants then one of my friends came over after my favorite DIYs and she said it looked very good. So I posted it on my status and got a lot of feedback and after that I got some orders. That’s how I started to make money from flowers and pots.”

Even while Sharon finalizes with her engineering project, she prefers doing interior design as she says it makes her happy. Here’s her advice for other creatives.

Whatever makes you happy, WHATEVER makes you stay up late in the night thinking about those creative things you have to do to make other people happy, that’s your thing.

We hope you’re challenged to follow your passion.





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