There is a new member of the super car club. Named after a legendary cold war bomber, the Aston Martin Vulcan GTR is one of our greatest engineering fits of the 21st Century. Calling a car Vulcan is like naming your child Jay-Z or Lukaku, it has a lot to live up to. But, this car doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with a high output of 7 litre naturally aspirated  V12 engine that revs to the stratosphere, makes a ferocious 876 brake horsepower and with brakes powerful enough to stop the earths rotation (pun intended).

The body is made of a revolutionary blend of plastic and carbon fiber jointly developed by Aston Martin and Boeing. This bad boy is not Italian, its not German, it’s British! This car looks like it’s time traveled from an unfamiliar universe with more aerodynamics and flippers than a fighter jet.The Vulcan redlines at a screaming 12,000 rpm, far much higher than the hyper Bugatti Chiron making it the most fierce machine in terms of acceleration. Unlike other super cars that boast of launching at exaggerated torque and speed, this menacing beast starts you at naught speed but then rockets you to speeds in excess of 120Km/h in a breath taking 2.2 seconds! That’s faster than Lewis Hamilton can shift a gear and the guy is super quick!

The Vulcan’s engine was developed by Yamaha, the company that helped Ferrari build the legendary FI4 T  that won the prestigious 24hrs of Leman’s a record 11 times. The Vulcan had it all, paddle shift transmission, carbon fiber build,a super charged engine that spits flames for smoke, it is definitely a unique car.  However it shares one thing with other super cars, it’s ability to empty your bank account! This thing with all it’s flamboyance will set you back an astronomical 3.2 million dollars. If you have that kind of cash sitting idle in your bank account, it’s the car for you. Other than the mind bending price tag, the Vulcan is definitely the best of Aston Martin and the very best of British engineering. Calling it a car should be considered a crime, it’s a jet on wheels that comes in two seater , two door model.

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