Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Daughter Of The Mirror.

This image you see shines with more magnificence than you’d imagine-
If it was cracked in more places than the lines across your heart,
It would be crashed to crystal grains and you, by the hurt.

If it was crashed, even evenly scattered o’er wrong places,
Your beauty would still be bathed in better reflections than these…
That’s why, dear daughter, you must be grander than thus.

If a lover ever came and stole your sighs ‘fore you slept,
As if he was a robber , come to take your smile while you wept,
I will always find all ways to reflect the perfection painted on your face-
Because, daughter of my mine,
You must reflect on your eternal grace,
Which burns through time and space,
And cuts across age like wrinkles across one’s once curvy places.

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