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CDI Gadgets and Mobile Journalism Africa holds Smartphone Content Workshop

CDI Gadgets in partnership with Mobile Journalism Africa on Saturday, 31st August, 2019 conducted a Smartphone Content Workshop for beginner Vloggers. The training which focused on video editing took place at CDI studios located on the 6th floor of Tembo Co-op House along Moi Avenue between 1:30 pm and 4:30 pm.

Yegon Emmanuel, Mobile Journalism Africa’s co-founder and Communication’s Director emphasized on considering the audience while shooting mobile content. “You must keep in mind the audience and the time your audience will consume the content. It will help you work out the length of content and how to engage the audience,” said Yegon before the actual training began.

The workshop was attended by 14 Vloggers of different content scopes including but not limited to entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, travel, entrepreneurship and beauty. Also present was MoJo trainer and editor Victor Omath who stressed on the different shooting aspects on mobile.

“If someone shoots on landscape, it is likely to be consumed on YouTube and Tv while portrait is majorly for Facebook and Twitter,” Omath said at the beginning of the workshop.

The vloggers were first taken through different techniques that can help them make the quality of their videos impressive and interesting. “Make the first thirty seconds of the video as captivating as possible,” Yegon intoned.

During a fifteen minute health break, the participants were asked to pair up and shoot five different videos for the purposes of the second session.

The second session which was vigorous and interactive involved the editing of the videos shot during the health break. Among the processes participants were taken through were choosing aspect ratio, importing the media to be edited, addition of layers and audio, cut aways, among others.

The workshop ended with questions from participants which were promptly answered. Participants asked questions based on the challenges they have experienced in the past while shooting videos on mobile and were appropriately assisted.

The CDI Gadget team asked the participants to utilize the basics they have learnt to produce great content, and think of advancing further.

As they left, participants expressed their satisfaction, terming the session worthwhile.

A participant shooting a short video during the health break

Nima Darling, a vlogger was delighted at having learnt editing skills. “I highly recommend that mobile content creators use KineMaster. One can easily grasp how to use it to edit videos.”

Simon Wakaba, the CEO of Mtaani Konnect based in Naivasha, commented that apart from wanting to buy gadgets, he needed to “enhance his skills so as to produce quality mobile content.”

Ochieng' Obunga, a Writer at large, is the founding Chief Editor of Mobile Journalism Africa.

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