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Understanding Depression

Depression is a medical illness that affects the individual’s thoughts, emotions and behavior. It may be caused by genetic, environmental, biological and psychological factors and occur at any age. Risk factors may include: An individual’s personal or family history of depression. Extreme life changes Trauma Stress Physical illnesses Medication Medical problems

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Its no big deal?

The world is changing and so are notions on sexuality. Gone are the days when (some)people waited for marriage to enjoy carnal pleasures. The practicality of waiting for marriage is also questionable today. In the past people married young. By the time raging hormones came around there was a place

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Politics of Black Hair

The black hair topic is an emotive issue: such a gross generalization! Why would it be when Africans, a pure bloodline of the black race don’t even acknowledge the cultural significance that comes with it? Hold up, they would have to know the significance to acknowledge it, no? I dare say,

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