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Indoor Citizen

I lead in loathsome regard, The unwelcome lullaby of mosquitoes. Eyelid flutter After Eyelid flutter, I slap my face in sleep when they pause their creepy chorus to indulge in the brew of my blood. One of my two windows has an ugly wink, Like a one-eyed widow, Widowed by a random stone from the heinous hands of

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A Thing or Two

I attempted to walk an empty land, Where empty talks stalk the destiny of muted echoes... In that strange land, I learnt a thing or two about love and laughter, Yet I found it strange that chaos can come with the charm of merry mornings. I went to the gate man, To get why men

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Miaka Kumi

Nilikupenda tangu... nakumbuka hadi mamangu akikwambia aty utakuwa wangu... Wangu wakupenda Wangu msiri kwa yote tungeyatenda Wangu kulisha na wangu kunilisha Wangu wakuenzi masiku na miezi Wangu.... Nilikupenda Nilikupenda siku zenye hukuwa unajuwa love ni nini?!...siku zenye love kwako ilikuwa tabiya mbaya...tukitembea na wewe hizo siku ulikuwa unaskia haya Nilikupenda ukiwa mweusi...time nlikuwa na chora giza,,nai-cut out na kuipaint

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