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An Epistle By A Millenial

Dear world,
Receive my humble salutations. I come bearing good or bad news, depends on how you’re willing to take them. The millennials are kind of fed up with your judgments. We appreciate the generations that came before us: especially, those who fought for our soul food; freedom. We are quite appreciative of that. We also thank those that brought us to this world and nurtured us. Nevertheless, we want you to understand we have also been raised by a universal parent we call the internet. This parent has taught us things our birth and societal parents were too shy to talk about. I know for a fact that my mother would get tremors if I asked her about orgasms (pun intended). My dad would have a century of nightmares if I asked him where to purchase a pack of condoms or how to light a blunt. But thanks to the internet and how open we are with our age mates, we have saved our parents the shame of going through these awkward topics.
We viciously feed on attention and eat likes for breakfast. We lie about living our best lives while most of us are dealing with depression and loneliness. Social media is our showground. That is where we go to connect with people or show off. Some of us have built empires thanks to social media. I know you keep complaining about how humanity is fading because people (us) would rather be on our phones than actually connect physically with our environment. But you do not understand that some of us feel very comfortable behind our screens. We embrace the fact that we are socially awkward and if we are put in a building full of people with no phones or music, our butts would sweat!
Politics is a traditional game to us. We see right through our grey and old politicians and their PR. They keep on saying they are doing things for the youth but that is basic propaganda. They trick us to vote for them promising all these great things like jobs but once they get in the office, we’re left in reverent awe at how sudden they turn a blind eye to us. How could fifty something men and women know what is best for a twenty something generation having been raised with a thirty year old gap? Sometimes it feels like democracy is just a fancy word to be heard and practiced. We deserve more youths in our government, leading us to a brighter future, or doom…who knows! Either way we may be the majority in real life but in politics, we are the minority. Now we know the writing is on the wall.
Our education can sometimes be useless. We would want to be equipped with skills that will help us get or create jobs. Some of us are walking around with degrees and massive student loans, knocking on every office searching for jobs. Once we do interviews and are sure things went well, we go home hopefully waiting for a call just to realize we never had a shot in the first place. The undereducated CEO’s niece took the position. We are starved of hope and burdened with languid as we frailly battle another passing day.
Relationships for us are a pie in the sky. Our relationships are modern. They are not reliant on whether we buy each other roses or plan picnic dates every now and then. In fact, that might be considered cheesy or weird. We “bond” by sending cute messages, funny memes, video calling or long late night talks over the phone conflicting on who will hang up first. Some think it’s cute, others think it’s immature and annoying. I agree with both! Booty calls are so random and we have embraced the ‘you up’ text so well you’d think it’s our new slogan. One thing that has not changed as much we’d like is the way men view women. Our generation still thinks women are property and the more you have them, the more popular you get. Kids are born on the wrong side of the blanket. Men have a girlfriend, a “baby momma” and a “sidepiece”. Same applies for women. Funny part is, this is something they are proud of
and address openly. We see this as a new normal, bringing new meaning to “living your best life.”
We’ve figured out new ways to express ourselves. However, the society as we know it has somewhat been deleterious by stereotyping us. Some of us express through music, tattoos, dreadlocks, clothes, language etc. It’s not easy. It never has been. We are free spirited and that scares you. You say this generation is doomed or has lost its way and, going back to the roots is the only thing that will bring us back to the right path. My tattooed, dreadlocked and ragged-clothed fellows disagree. We do not want to conform to routines and beliefs or traditions. We appreciate their existence and follow the ones we can, but they tie us to the past when we are all about the future. We want to elevate ourselves by being ourselves!

Yours truly,
A millennial.

By Suu Muthee ( Email : suzzettemuthee@gmail.com )

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