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About last night

So about last night,maybe in my mind I was meant to be her light. Maybe it was her face I was to let it bright,,bright like the sun cause being the only son of my mother I was taught to act both as a husband and father.

This time seemed different cause her face was not just dull,but she couldn’t hide her curls.I assumed she maybe never washed out her mascara,but this time I was wrong as make up couldn’t hide her true colors.

Blue,red,black wasn’t what I saw,what I say was more than I could hold,,,weep,leap was all she held on,my night was getting some lights. As a result of my heart in flames. All along I had being her Knight_armor but today tables turned and I was her fight_ham

You know,,lemme take you back to the day, where light was not from the heart_flames but from the sun_rays. Where everything was just fine,and I remember I called to remind her she was mine, we laughed, I remember we also sang,,,short and sweet was all we had.

Then I ask why did this night make her pale and being her only male in her life, I couldn’t afford to lose her as a wife. If could draw the day, I would include morning and evening skip noon,since in my darkest moment I could hardly see the moon.

I wish I was a love_tycoon cause I would have gotten out of her Serb cocoon. Maybe she was hurt cause she thought of me as a cheat,I know love is a game but I couldn’t make her my pitch. This wasn’t the first, second, third am sure it was more than seven. And like all men, promising heaven and laying out earth. They say when a woman loves she loves for real,trust me her love was beyond words, beyond the reality that’s me and her.

My wife was a super_woman though she couldn’t fly, our love would fly high,higher than a kite. So today was just like any other night where a couple would fight, let emotions take a flight. A night a couple of tears would shed to rescue a love_lorn. Again don’t call me cupid as a tale is told of romeo and Juliet.

That night she was my M.S right, my Juliet the difference was that I was her worst nightmare. All I said was I love you, when a boy tells you those words you mean the world to him if you not his world.

Those words meant to heel her cuts,her hurts and her heart, was now pumping blood to her brain. And she would now think straight, I would have given her a pick up line for it not that her face could shine brighter than the day,brighter than the sun and moon. Her lips now wet like the morning dew,I wish I could chew.

Now about last night, I buried that in a casket six feet deep.

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