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A Thing or Two

I attempted to walk an empty land,
Where empty talks stalk the destiny of muted echoes…
In that strange land, I learnt a thing or two about love and laughter,
Yet I found it strange that chaos can come with the charm of merry mornings.

I went to the gate man,
To get why men rely on fences and locks,
Why men sell their sleep to watch others dream,
And why they keep guard,
Clad in old boots and long cloaks in the cold…
Yet from those nocturnal men,
I learnt a thing or two about duty and sacrifice,
And the fears hidden in their eyes, ever awake as clocks.

I strode along the city streets,
Where street children chased after cars,
And squinted back at their wry reflections on tinted windows.
Tired, they lounged along an alley,
With faces weary and lazy,
Locking eyes with mannequins frozen in fashion behind store windows.
In those strange streets, I learnt a thing or two about hope and loss.

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