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A Message To Our Content Providers-YOU

is a platform aimed at revolutionizing how narratives are told through the use of mobile phone devices. Deriving our anchor point from democracy, we call it mediacracy-giving power back to the people to tell their own stories for themselves in the best way they know how.

Our aim is to make sure that stories are told without selfish interest or agenda setting. In our endeavor to change how narratives are told, we desire to stick to the grain of ethics and tell stories in both professional and simple ways. As we launch this product we are welcoming writers, photographers and videographers from all walks of life. You don’t have to be professional but passionate.

As a writer/photographer/videographer;
1. We want to limit ourselves to photos and videos taken from smartphones
2. The video clips should be 3mins utmost.
3. Stories shall not be more than 4 paragraphs.
4. The site will have professional editors who will package the stories within the tenets of journalism hence upcoming writers will learn the skills from the edited works
5. Consistent writers will receive appreciation tokens immediately we land on sponsors.
6. They will also have a professional platform to refer to potential employers and cite the site as a reference.
7. Our writers will also receive annual certificates stamped by accredited institutions and organizations to give them a competitive edge in the market.

We shall also provide reliable sources of mobile phone gadgets to enhance our story telling skills and also give training.
In our journey, we purpose to also assist upcoming journalists and freelancers to brand themselves online and develop their portfolios.

Welcome to the FUTURE of storytelling for our stories are best told by us.

Share your insight with us and any questions via;

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