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Mobile Journalism Welcomes you to 2019

Mobile Journalism Africa welcomes you to the year 2019.

Mobile devices are revolutionizing storytelling. Journalists and trained communication experts
are using them to tell stories from different locations at different times altogether. These
devices, we choose to call Pocket Studios,are the new way of doing stories. For modern-day
storytellers like us it is a blessing. With the mobile phone camera and a few add-ons, stories can
equally be told just as they are with the professional cameras.Mobile Journalism is the future
of storytelling.

We launched our platform on the 18th January 2018 in Moi University Kenya. The team is made
up of former students. We want to revolutionize the way stories are done in Kenya and Africa
for we believe that Our Stories are Best Told by us

A poster of the event. Image: Mobile Journalism

On the 27th July, 2018, Mobile Journalism Africa held its first Media conference in Moi University, an event that caught media attention in Europe. Caroline Scott of Journalism UK did a feature story on the concept of Mobile Journalism Africa regarding the media conference that enlightened many about mobile journalism.

On the 23rd November, 2018, CoELIB Media and its agribusiness partner Iced Technologies
organized a one day training on how to use mobile phones to disseminate agricultural content
through short videos. Mobile Journalism team traveled from different parts of the country to
conduct this training.

In December 2018, we sent a team to the Republica Conference in Accra. Republica is a German
conference about everything digital and for the first time, the conference took place in Ghana.

Among the many programs in the conference was one on mobile reporting, what was dubbed MoJo on Tro Tro;. Mobile reporting trainings were done on the road; so what we call matatus are referred to as trotros in Accra. The trainers took participants on tours around Accra, where they were guided in shooting two stories and thereafter trained on how to edit them, all on mobile.

On the 18th of January this year we will be celebrating our 1st anniversary. We have plans to do
more mobile journalism trainings across the country and beyond our borders. We want to
equip more and more storytellers with the basic skills of doing stories on their smartphones.
We are also out to grow a network of mobile journalists in Africa.

Welcome to the future of storytelling.

Ochieng' Obunga, a Writer at large, is the founding Chief Editor of Mobile Journalism Africa.

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