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How to Write with Mobile Journalism

How to Write with Mobile Journalism

Mobile Journalism is a respected news and articles’ site commanding a huge audience and large following (especially) in Kenya and Africa, and, the entire globe.

It is geared towards revolutionizing how stories are told using mobile devices, devices we prefer to call pocket studios. We give the public a platform to tell their stories in the simplest possible way.

We are always seeking writers. We profoundly appreciate diversity and therefore anyone can write for Mobile Journalism. We are interested in pieces touching on current affairs. We are particularly keen on news from sports, entertainment and other arenas; striking commentaries and opinions; feature articles; lifestyle and fashion pieces. We also accept stories on art and culture.

If you’re keen on writing with us:

1. Go to www.mobilejournalism.co.ke

2. Click Register and follow the prompts.

3. Go back to the site, log in and  click Submit news

Welcome to the future of storytelling.

Editor in Chief

Mobile Journalism 

One thought on “How to Write with Mobile Journalism

  1. Hello Obunga.

    You used to be my editor back at Moi- 3rd eye.
    I look forward to writing for Mobile Journalism Africa.

    Denis Kinyua

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