Sunday, January 20, 2019

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Mobile Journalism Marks Anniversary with Wanadata Training yesterday marked its first anniversary with a training to Wanadata journalists in PineTree Plaza along Ngong road. The training was aimed at offering journal...


Omath Victor According to Hootsuite 2018 digital report, there are 4.021 billion internet users in Africa, out of this, 3.196 billion are active social media users. This is an increase of...

This is to a Greater MoJo Africa Team

My lady friends had always complained about my rare smile. Of course, very few, dared (approach me and) talk about it. And so, when I posted on my status a day after the first Media Conferen...

Attackers defeated in hotel siege, Kenya’s president says

After at least 16 hours of bloody mayhem, Kenyan security forces have "prevailed over" the terrorist gunmen who had besieged Nairobi's Desuit Complex along Riverside Drive, President Uhu...


Yes, Nairobi County should be under the National Government

The call by lawmaker Aaron Cheruiyot to have Nairobi County taken up and run by the National Government is timely and should be ba...



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You must not Marry someone Else

Smartphone Photography: Low Light tips

I owe no one a wife. No children either.

Understanding Depression

I Live with a Trauma: a Confession

Its no big deal?

Politics of Black Hair

Handling An Early Pregnancy Episode 5

Handling An Early Pregnancy Episode 4

Handling An Early Pregnancy Episode 3

The dying Bajun tribe (Part 1)

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Marvin Gakunyi

Marvin Gakunyi

Founder & CEO

Mobile Journalism is an idea I'd love to anchor on MediaCracy- Giving power back to the people to tell their own stories using the most convenient means-their phones. Those small gadgets are pocket studios with exponential potential which we shall unleash.

Emmanuel Yegon

Emmanuel Yegon

Co-Founder & Communication Director

Welcome to the future of storytelling. This platform gives you an opportunity to tell your stories from wherever you are, anytime. For our stories are best told by us