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Namibia is leading the way in green energy with green hydrogen

Namibia has begun work on a green hydrogen refueling station, making its intentions clear when it comes to its big bet on the "fuel of the future". While the move puts Namibia ahead of the p...

This technology seeks to wipe malaria out of Burkina Faso and Africa

Abdoulaye Diabaté and his team are betting on gene technology to protect children like his own from malaria. Along with a clutch of brand-new vaccines, the technology could help the world en...

Have you tried sweet potato biscuits? This factory in Cameroon bakes them

In 2022, Adeline Pelage and her husband risked everything to shift their small biscuit factory from baking with wheat flour to locally sourced sweet potato flour. They haven't looked back.

This is a digital solution for accessing mental health support in Kenya

Mental health is an issue that in many countries was previously seen as taboo. The explosive growth of online services and apps in countries like Kenya is changing that, fast. By: Thuku K


Why Miguna is the best antidote to Odingaism

By Omath Victor Firebrand politician cum lawyer and self proclaimed leader of the National Resistance Movement (NRMke), General...



Its no big deal?

Politics of Black Hair


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The dying Bajun tribe (Part 1)

Pity Me Not My Situation

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Handling An Early Pregnancy Episode 1

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