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It is time to mainstream Mobile Journalism in Kenya

“The Media Council of Kenya wishes to notify the public and all security officers that mobile/smart phones, while in use by duly accredited journalists and media practitioners, are recognise...

How 11-year-old Wambui sharpened her skills in chess online during the pandemic

By Elizabeth Ngigi Juja, Kenya - Bernice Wambui, 11 years old is a chess champion who has represented Kenya in various prestigious chess competitions both locally and internationally.
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‘Chichwa,’ a market borne out of the strains of the COVID-19 pandemic

By Laura Otieno Kisumu, Kenya - When the covid19 pandemic struck, a lot of physical business spaces including markets were shut down as part of efforts to contain the spread of the virus.

Faith Kinanu: Daring to defy odds in Isiolo’s male dominated taxi business

By Betty Luke Isiolo, Kenya - Ms. Faith Kinanu, the only female taxi driver in Isiolo thrives in a male-dominated sector two years after her fruit vending business collapsed following...


Why Miguna is the best antidote to Odingaism

By Omath Victor Firebrand politician cum lawyer and self proclaimed leader of the National Resistance Movement (NRMke), General...



Its no big deal?

Politics of Black Hair


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The dying Bajun tribe (Part 1)

Pity Me Not My Situation

Handling An Early Pregnancy Episode 2


Handling An Early Pregnancy Episode 1

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Marvin Gakunyi

Marvin Gakunyi

Founder & CEO

Mobile Journalism is an idea I'd love to anchor on MediaCracy- Giving power back to the people to tell their own stories using the most convenient means-their phones. Those small gadgets are pocket studios with exponential potential which we shall unleash.

Emmanuel Yegon

Emmanuel Yegon

Co-Founder & Communication Director

Welcome to the future of storytelling. This platform gives you an opportunity to tell your stories from wherever you are, anytime. For our stories are best told by us

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