Monday, July 6, 2020

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Call for films to the Mobile Film Festival Africa Competition

Mobile Journalism Africa in partnership with Mobile Film Festival Africa wishes to announce that the deadline for the call for films to Mobile Film Festival Africa has been extended to July...

Water Resources Authority: Harvesting water and other flood preparedness activities

The rivers, dams and other water catchment areas are seemingly filled to capacity. With the continued heavy rainfall, the water has lacked reservoirs, therefore ending up in already filled ...

CHEBBI: Youth in Africa should lead the fight to combat COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to devastate the world. The question of how to contain the pandemic has remained a headache with implementation of measures radically changing lives. Africa has a large p...

COVID-19: Catch 22 situation in the informal settlements

As cases of coronavirus continue to rise, the government has been urging citizens to take the directives issued seriously to ease the fight against the pandemic. However, it has been busine...


Hon. Nicholas Gumbo joins ‘kutangatanga’ wagon

Campaigns have a become an unending political drama for most Kenyan politicians. Barely nine months after the marred 2017 General ...



Its no big deal?

Politics of Black Hair


Handling An Early Pregnancy Episode 5


Handling An Early Pregnancy Episode 4

Handling An Early Pregnancy Episode 3

The dying Bajun tribe (Part 1)

Pity Me Not My Situation

Handling An Early Pregnancy Episode 2


Handling An Early Pregnancy Episode 1

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Marvin Gakunyi

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Emmanuel Yegon

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Welcome to the future of storytelling. This platform gives you an opportunity to tell your stories from wherever you are, anytime. For our stories are best told by us



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